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  • Hong Kong banks issue two new banknotes
    The three banknote issuing banks of Hong Kong have issued two new banknotes: the 20- and 50-dollar notes.  First up is the Standard Chartered Bank . The front of the 20-do
  • Hong Kong announces A LOT of new banknotes
    Very interesting news from Hong Kong in this press release . It seems we can expect a bus load of new banknotes coming soon: " The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), and
  • 100 years Bank of China in Hong Kong (part 2)
    According to this article the Bank of China Hong Kong will issue a commemorative note in September 2017, celebrating the opening of the first branch of the bank in Hong Ko
  • 100 years Bank of China in Hong Kong
    The Standard reports that the Bank of China Hong Kong will celebrate it's 100th year in Hong Kong. And to commemorate this occassion the BoC will issue a special commemora
  • Hong Kong to issue new commemorative note
    HSBC has announced that a new commemorative note of 150 dollar will be introduced in Hong Kong to commemorate the 150th anniversary of HSBC in Hong Kong.  The notes are av
  • Will fake notes in Hong Kong lead to more polymer?
    Recently there has been a rise in the amount of fake notes in Hong Kong. Specifically the higher denominations are counterfeited. This article explores the possible conseq
  • Forgery with a kitchen tool
    Do you think you need state of the art equipment and the latest technology to counterfeit modern banknotes? Think again. A home-made tool resembling a meat tenderiser is b
  • New additions week 48 - 2012 (2)
    Yesterday a colleague returned from Hong Kong bringing the polymer 10 Dollar ( P401b ) with her. It's the first polymer banknote from Hong Kong and was introduced in 2007
  • Hong Kong, 10 Dollar
    Hij stond al een tijdje op mijn verlanglijstje vanwege het mooie design maar door een collega heb ik hem nu binnen: de 10 Dollar uit Hong Kong (pick 400b). Volgende keer h
  • Hong Kong
    20 Dollars - P207e 1 Cent - P321 1 Cent - P325b 20 Dollars - P335c 10 Dollars - P400b 10 Dollars - P401b

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