China issues new 5-yuan note

The People's Bank of China has has issued a new 5-yuan banknote on 8 July 2020. The new note has enhanced security features, including the denomination "5" in SPARK.

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The Euro gets a new signature

The euro banknotes get a new signature from the new ECB President Christine Lagarde. This will be the 4th signature on the banknotes of the Eurozone since the introduction of the euro notes. 

Below an example of the new signature and at the bottom the previous three signatures from Duisenberg, Trichet and Draghi. 

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Angola presents new series of banknotes

The Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) has presented the new series of banknotes whgich will be issued in 2020. The new notes feature a portrait of Agostinho Neto, the first president of Angola. The new family of notes commemorates the 45th anniversary of independence. 

The back of all the notes show natural wonders from Angola. On 30 July the first banknote will be issued which is the 200-kwanzas note. In September there will be the 500-kwanzas note, in October the 1,000-kwanzas note and in November the 2,000-kwanzas note. will enter into circulation. These first 4 notes will be made of polymer. The new 5,000-Kwanzas banknote will be made from cotton and will be available from January 2021.

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Myanmar announces new series of banknotes

The Central Bank of Myanmar will issue new banknotes featuring the image of General Aung San. Myanmar reintroduced the image of Aung San on the 1,000-kyat banknotes earlier this year after a three-decade pause.

From the article: "Banknotes showing the father of State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi were first printed in 1958, 10 years after he was assassinated along with eight colleagues.

But the notes were gradually removed from circulation amid the rising popularity of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as leader of the pro-democracy movement following the 1988 student uprising.

In the 1990s, the government began to print notes displaying pictures of lions. In 2009, an elephant was added to the 5,000-kyat note and in 2012, one was added to the 10,000-kyat note as well."

There is no issue date mentioned yet.

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Sudan announces new 200-pounds note

The Central Bank of Sudan has announced that in the next couple of days, a new 200-pounds note will be issued. 

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Dominican Republic issues revised 500-pesos note

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic has issued a new version of its 500-pesos banknote on 1 June 2020. The main difference with preceding issues is the new bank logo on the front of the note (top right). 

"In the upper right part of the main face, where the busts of Doña Salomé Ureña de Henríquez and Don Pedro Henríquez Ureña appear, the isotype or visual symbol of the BCRD is integrated, accompanied by the value of the denomination in numerical characters in vertical arrangement.

In addition, the isotype or visual symbol is printed with optically variable magnetic ink, which changes color from gold to green, and has a drop effect, giving the sensation of undulating sand.

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Bulgaria issues revised 10-levs banknote

The Bulgarian National Bank has issued a modified banknote of 10-levs on 12 June 2020.  The note is part of the new modified series of banknotes.

Тhe overall design and the main elements of the revised banknote series feature no significant changes as compared with the banknotes already in circulation. The changes are related to the introduction of new security features, and for the 10-levs banknote they are as follows:

  • Additional mark for visually impaired people – two thick and eight thin lines at an angle along the short sides of the banknote.
  • Hologram stripe with optical effects – images of the earth globe, a telescope, and a planet, alternating when the banknote is tilted; a coloured hologram portrait of Dr. Petar Beron; images of a ‘crowned lion rampant’ with a dynamic effect and a 3D image of the number 10.
  • Security thread – built into the paper and partially appearing on the reverse, with a repeating light-coloured text ‘БНБ 10’ (BNB 10) and a diagonal dynamic optical effect, shifting its colour from golden to green. The repeating text ‘БНБ 10’ is visible on the obverse when the banknote is held up to the light.
  • High resolution watermark – seen when the banknote is held up to the light. It represents a high resolution half-tone portrait of Dr. Petar Beron. The image is also visible on the reverse of the banknote.

The previous issued of the 10-levs banknote, issues 1999 and 2008, will remain in circulation along with the new issue dated 2020.

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Argentina announces new 5,000-pesos note.

The Sociedad de Estado Casa de Moneda de la Nacion has begun production of a new 5,000-pesos banknote for the Banco Central de la República Argentina. The new banknote coud be issued in the next few months. 

The front of the note shows Ramón Carrillo, the Prime Minister of Health of Juan Perón. The woman on his side is Cecilia Grierson, the first Argentine doctor. The back of the new note depicts the Malbrán Institute. This institute is currently battling against the Corona virus in Argentina. 

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Zimbabwe issues new 10- and 20-dollar notes

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has issued new banknotes of 10- and 20-dollar on 14 May 2020. The 10-dollar note has entered circulation on 19 May 2020 and the 20-dollar note will follow in the first week of June 2020. Both banknotes are made of a hybrid composit material and measure 155 x 66 mm in size.  

The 10-dollar note shows the usual Chiremba balancing rocks in Epworth on the front and the New Reserve Bank Tower in and some Cape buffalo on the back:

The 20-dollar note has the same Chiremba balancing rocks in Epworth on the front. The back shows an elephant and the Victoria Falls:

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Parliament of Iran approves redenomination of rial

The Iranian parliament has voted for a government monetary reform bill which will change the country's currency name and drop four zeros from banknotes, Radio Farda reports.

"Under the new law, which will come into effect after the final approval of the Guardian Council, the national currency unit will change from the rial to the toman with 10,000 rials of today being equal to one toman in the new currency. (...) The rial will completely be scraped and the toman will be revalued to equal 100 parsehs. The old coins and bills will remain credible alongside the new toman notes during a transition period of two years after which all financial transactions will solely be made in toman. (...) Although the rial has been the sole currency unit used in Iran since decimalisation in 1932, the toman has been used informally to mean 10 rials. People commonly express amounts of money and prices of commodities in tomans rather than rials. The parseh, however, is a completely new currency unit chosen in a national vote for the naming taken by the CBI [Central Bank of Iran, sb]. "

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Tunisia issues new 10-dinar banknote

The Central Bank of Tunisia has issued a new banknote of 10 dinar on 27 March 2020.

The blue note features the image of Doctor Tawhida Ben Cheikh (1909-2010). The back of the note shows pottery objects and Berber jewelry. 

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Banknote of the Year 2019

The voting has ended and the Banknote of the Year 2019 has been chosen by the members of the IBNS. The winner is... the 100-florin note from Aruba! A well deserved winner in my opinion because the note looks beautiful. As does the rest of the new series by the way. 


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