Peru issues first banknotes with new currency name

In December 2015 the Congress of Peru decided to change the name of the national currency from "nuevo sol" to just "sol". The nuevo sol was the new name for the currency from 1 July 1991 when it replaced the old "inti".

The Banco Central de Reserva del Perú has just issued the first banknotes with the new currency name on it. The design of the new 10- and 100-sol notes has remained largely the same as the currently circulating nuevo sol-notes. A new blue security thread has been incorporated in the 100-sol note. The new notes will circulate side-by-side with the old notes. 

Two videos of the security features of these new notes after the click.

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Star Wars commemorative fantasy note announced

If you're a fan of Star Wars (me!) and a banknote collector (me, me!) you're going to love this one: to celebrate the release of the 8th movie in the series a special commemorative fantasy note will be sold. The Last Jedi will hit the theatre's around 13 December 2017 but the special auction will be held on eBay (at this shop) on Thursday 7 December 2017. 

The note is designed by De la Rue so you can expect it to look and feel like a real banknote. Only 1,000 commemorative notes will be available from 7 december for a fixed price of 100 pound (about 135 USD or 113 EUR). Another 50 premium notes will be put up for auction. 

"The notes are crafted with 100% cotton cylinder mould paper, securitized and printed in De La Rue’s high security proofing department based in Hampshire. They incorporate an original light side/dark side artwork composition and several special features including serial numbers; pattern work of the First Order and Resistance emblems; hidden scenes (discoverable under 365nm UV light); hidden messages in microtext (discoverable with an eye glass); a message in Aurebesh, one of the languages of the galaxy; and the signature of Director/Writer Rian Johnson. The 50 unique, premium notes will also include an intaglio (a raised, hand-engraving of Rey) and each will have a unique, sequenced serial number. The front of the note represents the Light Side with Luke Skywalker, Rey and the Millenium Falcon while the Dark Side (the reverse of the note) shows Kylo-Ren, supreme leader Snoke and a couple of bad ass spaceships." according to Coin Week.

All the money raised from the commemorative note will be donated to Together for Short Lives. The videos on give a better view of some of these very cool features (that light saber!!). 

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Uruguay reveals design of its commemorative note

The Banco Central del Uruguay has revealed the preliminary design of the new commemorative banknote of 50 peso which was announced last May. The note celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Central Bank. A total of 10 million notes will be issued and it will be the first polymer note in Uruguay. The final design of the note as well as the date of issue will be the 2nd half of 2018. 

The Central Bank was established on 6 July 1967 but no word yet on a date of issue. The back of the note shows a mural which is titled "Mural: Construcción Portuaria" by artist Walter Deliotti. The mural was designed in 1967, the same year the Bank was founded. A video of the presentation of the new banknote can be found here.

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Israeli rabbi forbids looking at 50 NIS-note

The Times of Israel reports that a controversy has broken out in Israel over the use of the 50 NIS-note which was issued in 2014. The controversy started when influential Sephardic rabbi Benzion Mutzafi said he folds the banknote face down in his pocket to avoid seeing the face of poet Saul Tchernichovsky. 

And what, may you ask, has provoked the rabbi's discomfort? Apparently the fact that Tchernichovsky married a Christian woman who kept her faith during their marriage. "Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi, brother of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara, said that the use of the Russian-born poet’s image on the bill was "an outrage."". 

Reading the article you suddenly understand a little better why so many 'holy' wars have been raging in this region for the past milennia....


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Argentina issues new 1,000-pesos note

The Banco Central de la República Argentina has issued its new 1,000-pesos note on 1 December 2017. The note shows the Rufous Hornero bird on the front and the Région Pampeana (the Pampas) on the back.

This is the 4th note of the new Flora and Fauna series and the 1,000-pesos note is also a new denomination. 

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Mauritania to issue new banknotes from 1 January

President of Mauritania Mohamed Uld Abdelaziz has announced that Mauritania will combat falsified banknotes by issuing new notes which "will have a value ten times greater than that of the old ones". It is unclear if this means that the Banque Central de Mauritanie will issue banknotes with a higher denomination than the current series or if it will revalue the national currency of ouguiya. We do know that the new banknotes will enter circulation from 1 January 2018. 

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Solomon Islands introduce new 10-dollar note

Banknote printer De la Rue reports that a new 10-dollar note has been issued by the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands on 29 November 2017. This is the 4th note of the new series. From the press release:

"A new $10 designed and printed in close collaboration with De La Rue has been launched into circulation today by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. The $20, $50 and $100 have all been launched previously, making this the fourth note in the new family of banknotes.

As with the previous notes, the overall theme of the new note is the islands’ rich cultural heritage. On the front of the vibrant red note, the abstract pattern work is based on geometrical designs representing the swirling movement of shoals of fish whilst images portraying four traditional forms of currency are shown on the back. 

The predominant security feature is a colour shifting, red-green StarChrome® security thread, which has been described as the best-selling premium security thread in the world."

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The Gambia to replace current series in two steps

According to an article in The Point the Central Bank of the Gambia has announced that it will replace the current series of banknotes which has former President Yahya Jammeh on the front. After a bitter election and international pressure he finally stepped down on 21 January 2017 and has since been succeeded by Adama Barrow

For the new banknotes the Central Bank will adopt a two-step strategy. First it will reprint the previous series, the so-called 'Family Notes', which were in circulation until 2014. These notes showed portraits of a typical Gambian man, woman, boy and girl. These reprints will be entered in circulation from February 2018. 

This temporary measure will buy the Central Bank time to design and produce a completely new series which is scheduled for introduction by the end of 2018. The old notes with the face of Jammeh on them, will be gradually withdrawn from circulation: once they're in (the bank), they don't come out again and are replaced. 

These were the old Family Notes: 


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Ukraine announces commemorative series

The National Bank of Ukraine has announced they have plans to issue a series of commemorative banknotes dedicated to the centenary of the Ukrainian revolution and the introduction of the Ukrainian monetary unit, the hryvnia.

For the design of this series they have some very cool plans I think: they will incorporate the design of several of the banknotes issued between 1917 and 1921. I know countries like Thailand and Taiwan have done something similar in the past which resulted in great looking banknotes.

Perhaps we can see these new banknotes in 2018?

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Botswana announces first polymer note for 2018

The Bank of Botswana has announced on its Facebook page that from 1 February 2018 a new polymer 10-pula will be issued to the public. This will be the first polymer banknote for Botswana. The Bank states that the change to polymer is due to persistent public concerns regarding the poor quality of the current circulating 10-pula paper banknote.

Update 9-1-2018: pictures of the new note:

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Hungary to introduce redesigned 1,000-forint in 2018

While going over some old news reports I realised that I forgot to post about the new 1,000-forint banknote the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary) has planned to enter into circulation on 1 March 2018.

The redesigned note resembles the current 1,000-forint banknote but has added design elements and security features. This note is part of a larger plan to redesign all current notes. More information can be found in this beautiful and very informative leaflet.


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Kenya to get new banknote family in Q2 of 2018?

Do you remember the news from Kenya where the Constitution adopted in 2010 prohibits the use of a person’s portrait on banknotes? The Central Bank of Kenya has ever since been struggeling to get the new family of banknotes out. Kenya has had problems with printer De la Rue which led to delays with the issuing of the new currency.

According to this article in the Standard Digital Kenya will finally get its new banknotes and coins by the second quarter of 2018 (in June at the latest). The article however also shows that the dispute with De la Rue hasn't been resolved yet. So let's not bet all our money on June 2018 yet, shall we?

Update 5-1-2018: Did you listen to me? Haven't you been betting on a Q2 introduction? Good! Because as somewhat expected the notes have been delayed even further according to this article. The High Court froze the contract that was awarded to De La Rue for the printing of new banknotes. These notes without portraits of political or historical figures, as mandated by the Kenyan Constitution, will therefore NOT be available by mid 2018...

Update 10-1-2018: Even worse for De la Rue: now the contract has been cancelled altogether. The court "...ordered that all four tenders should be re-evaluated within 14 days. The three other bidders were Giesecke & Devrient of Germany, Sweden’s Crane Currency and Oberthur Fiduciaire of France." Both the Central Bank and De la Rue announced they would appeal the decision.

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