New additions week 8 - 2014

Two Dutch banknotes this week, one new and one better version than I already had. To start with the latter: I got the UNC version of the 5 gulden note from 1973 (P95a). I already had a VF note I saved from when these notes were replaced with a coin in 1988 but the UNC is of course much nicer. 

The second new note is a 10 gulden note from the 1933 series (P49) with a picture of an old grey man ("Grijsaard" in Dutch) originally painted by Rembrandt van Rijn. This was the first note where the text stating that the Central Bank promises to pay the bearer on demand was left out. 

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New additions week 7 - 2014

A beautiful new banknote in my collection this week and one which has been on my wishlist for a long time. Last week I had the chance to get one for a very reasonable amount of money so I finally could add this commemorative note from Bhutan. It was issued to commemorate the royal wedding of the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, to Jetsun Pema in 2011. The 100 ngultrum note (P35) was issued in 2011 in a special folder.

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New additions week 6 - 2014

I am quite the sucker for beautiful banknotes and when it comes to these the former Dutch colony of Suriname has some great notes to add to my collection. In particular the series with the birds and flowers from 2000 is in my opinion one of the greatest looking banknote series ever. I already had a few of them and this week I could add the 1000 gulden note (P151). I'm still looking for the 500, 5000, 10,000 and 25,000 gulden to add to my collection but these are a little more expensive.

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New additions week 5 - 2014

Four new banknotes this week, including a set with EVERY banknote ever issued by a single country! How is that possible? They are of course from the country of Liechtenstein. The small alpine country between Switzerland and Austria has only issued three banknotes in its existence: a 10, 20 and 50 heller note in 1920. These notes (P1-3) are very small but show a nice drawing on the back of castles and town sites in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is also the 202nd country added to my collection!

The fourth new banknote is a nostalgic one because I used to pay with it. It's the 25 gulden from The Netherlands. This last issue of the 25 gulden from 1989 (P100) is a fine example of the beauty and design of the dutch banknotes in the past, this one designed by Jaap Drupsteen. Yes, I do miss these notes so I'm glad I could add one to my collection this week.

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New additions week 1 - 2014

I'm not really a collector of Euro notes. I use those notes to buy other banknotes and also because I think they're boring. But this week I got a gift: a 20 euro note from Cyprus. Euro banknotes from Cyprus are pretty rare so why not? I'll add it to my collection.

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New additions week 52 - 2013

Just before the end of the year I received a new addition to my collection: a 1 dollar Silver Certificate from the United States (series 1935-E, P416D2e). 

Silver Certificates are a type of representative money printed from 1878 to 1964 in the United States as part of its circulation of paper currency. They were produced in response to silver agitation by citizens who were angered by the Fourth Coinage Act, which had effectively placed the United States on a gold standard. The certificates were initially redeemable in the same face value of silver dollar coins, and later in raw silver bullion. Since 1968 they have been redeemable only in Federal Reserve Notes and are thus obsolete, but are still valid legal tender.

Normally I'm not much of a collector of US notes. Mainly because I think they have boring designs and also because a lot of the collectors of US notes I know are obsessed with special serial numbers. For me that's not the collecting of banknotes but of numbers on an arbitrary item. This Silver Certificate however has an interesting numismatic story so I welcome it in my collection

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New additions week 48 - 2013

Joyous tidings dear readers for I, Steven Bron, have added the 200th country to my collection. And the 201st! I have also managed to get one of the best looking banknotes issued this year: the new Canadian 5 dollar. So a very good update! Four new notes have been added, starting with the two newcomers:

© Bank of Canada

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New additions week 46 - 2013

After last weeks new addition of Tannu Tuva I received a banknote from another new country this week and again it's a pretty unknown note issuing 'country' to most people: Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon's official name is: collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. It's a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean near Canada. It is the only remnant of the former colonial empire of New France that remains under French control. The islands are situated at the entrance of Fortune Bay, which extends into the southern coast of Newfoundland, near the Grand Banks.

As you can see in the scan the note is damaged and normally I wouldn't buy a note like that. The thing is though: banknotes from Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon are pretty rare and therefore pretty expensive. This note still looks very decent (the non-damaged parts are almost UNC) and I could get this for a bargain. So I present you: the 20 francs (P24) from country number 199!

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New additions week 45 - 2013 (2)

After the nice new note from Rhodesia I received earlier this week another great addition to my collection arrived yesterday. Country number 198: Tannu Tuva! Before I started collecting banknotes I had never even heard of this nation or seen its banknotes. Some background information seems in order.

The Tuvan People's Republic (or People's Republic of Tannu Tuva 1921 – 1944) was a partially recognized independent state in the territory of the former Tuvan protectorate of Imperial Russia also known as Uryankhaisky Krai. It was a satellite state of the Soviet Union that is now known as the Tuva Republic within the Russian Federation. The Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic were the only countries to recognize its independence.

Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Communist troops took Tuva in January 1920. The chaos accompanying this era allowed the Tuvans to again proclaim their independence. On 14 August 1921, the Bolsheviks (supported by Russia) established a Tuvan People's Republic, called Tannu Tuva until 1926. Tannu refers to the Tannu-ola Mountains while Tuva is derived from the ethnicity Tuvan. The capital Khem-Beldir was eventually renamed Kyzyl ('red' in Tuvan). A treaty between the Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic in 1926 affirmed the country’s independence. No other countries formally recognized it, although it appeared on maps and globes produced in the United States. 

The area that was the Tuvan People's Republic is now known as Tyva Republic within the Russian Federation.

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New additions week 46 - 2013

Thanks to an early birthday gift I received 6 new banknotes from Russia yesterday. Isn't it nice when your aunt goes on holiday to Russia and doesn't forget the hobby of her nephew? Here are the new notes in chronological order:

  • 1 Ruble (1915 (1898)) - P15c05
  • 25 Rubles (1919) - P90
  • 3 Rubles (1961) - P223a
  • 25 Rubles (1961) - P234b
  • 500 Rubles (1993) - P256
  • 100 Rubles (1997) - P270a

All the images of the new notes can be found on the Russia page of my collection.

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New additions week 45 - 2013 (1)

This week I received a new note I bought on eBay. Not only was it a bargain, it is also the 197th country in my collection! Just three more to go and I can order cake to celebrate the magical 200.

This note is from Rhodesia, the country which was never recognized and which existed for only 14 years. It was considered a de facto successor state to the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia. After a bloody civil war, in which the white government fought with two black nationalist groups, the country finally settled for peace in 1980 and renamed itself Zimbabwe.

This is a 1 dollar note from 1970 and has pick number 30a.


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New additions week 43 - 2013

Two new notes this week which I found in the Big Pile of Rubbish-box at the local coin dealer. Though most of the items in this box are nothing more than toilet paper, I always manage to find something I still want.

  • German Empire, 50 Mark - P41
  • Germany Weimar Republic, 10 Mark - P67a1

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