New additions week 36 - 2013

Last week I received two great new banknotes from Kuwait. They are both commemorative issues commemorating the liberation of the country in 1991 after the Gulf War. Both notes come in special folders with an envelope. 

PCS1 (front):

PCS2 (back):

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New additions week 33 - 2013

I received a banknote this week which had been high on my wishlist. It is by itself a beautiful note but it's also the first polymer banknote ever issued. The note (P49) has been issued by Australia in 1988 to commemorate the bicentenary of the landing in Sydney Cove and has been issued in a folder with more info on the design and history.

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New additions week 28 - 2013

This beautiful new banknote from Guernsey arrived this week. More info in this recent post

Stockphoto: not the actual banknote in my collection.

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New additions week 25 - 2013

A visit to my local coin and banknote dealer has given me some new additionsm to my collection.

  • From Czechoslovakia the 100 korun (P91c)
  • A lovely commemorative issue from the Dominican Republic: the 20 pesos oro from 1992 (P139a)
  • From our old colony the Netherlands Indies a 50 cent note (P110a)
  • A military payment certificate from the United States of 5 cent (Pm29)
  • From the time of the German Empire a 100 mark note (P43a)
  • From the Weimar Republic I got three notes: 50 mark (p66a), 50 mark (P68) and 100 mark (P69b)

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New additions week 21 - 2013

After several failed attempts I finally managed to acquire the new 5 euro. With special thanks to my mother who stumbled upon the banknote at the place where she works.

© European Central Bank

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New additions week 17 - 2013

My mother recently returned from a short vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. And being the sweet mother that she is, she brought some new banknotes for my collection with her. Including the recently issued new 5 lira banknote which I wrote about earlier this month. 

  • The 10 lira (P223a) from 2009.
  • Also from 2009 the 20 lira (P224a)
  • And finally the new 5 lira (Pnew) which was issued earlier this month.

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New additions week 8 - 2013

Just recently I wrote about the new commemorative issue from Cambodia honouring the late king Norodom Sihamoni. This week I received the beautiful new note from a purchase on eBay as a new addition to my collection. Yaay!

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New additions week 7 - 2013

Saturday I visited the Nieuwemarkt in my home town of Rotterdam. If you want to pay a visit as well, check for the square with the statue of the Virgin of Holland. The statue wasn’t the reason I was there: I came for the market where people were selling stamps, coins and banknotes. It turned out to be a very, very small market with only three sellers but they told me it was because of the cold weather.

When I looked through their books I had a bit of an argument with one of the dealers. When I aksed for the price of a banknote he gave me the price for a UNC grade. I pointed out to him it wasn’t a UNC grade because one of the corners had a little fold. He told me it was nothing and started vigorously ‘smoothing’ the fold with his thumbnail to make it flat again. “Well, now it’s DEFINITELY not uncirculated anymore!”, I told him. But he insisited he was right and he wasn’t planning to lower his price. I don’t like those types of dealers: acting like there’s a moron standing in front of them and ruining the banknotes they sell out of sheer amateurism.

Luckily for me there were also good dealers with good merchandise so I got away with four new banknotes from four new countries:

  • 1 Dong (P1a) from South Vietnam
  • 1­0­0­ O­u­g­u­i­y­a­ (P4h) from Mauritania
  • 10 Rupees (P36a) from the Seychelles
  • 2 Pa’anga (P32a) from Tonga

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New additions week 5 - 2013

There haven't been any new additions after the large number of new banknotes I acquired at the IBNS fair in December 2012. But this week I got four new notes including two from countries new in my collection.

  • Namibia, 10 dollars (P4b)
  • Bahrain, 1/2 dinar (P25)
  • German Empire, 100 Mark (P43b)
  • South Africa, 10 Rand (P133)

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New additions week 50 - 2012

A lot of new additions this week after my visit to the IBNS Netherlands fair in Hilversum last Sunday! It was a great fair. Much smaller than the big fair in Maastricht but I was a lot happier when I left. A total of 18 new banknotes and 12 new countries added to my collection!

  • France: 5 Francs (P115a)
  • Eritrea: 1 Nakfa (P1)
  • Equatorial Guinea: 500 Francos (P20)
  • Botswana: 10 Pula (P30a)
  • Arctic Territories: 20 Polar Dollars
  • Angola: 100 Kwanzas (P126)
  • South Sudan: 1 Pound (P5)
  • United States of America: 2 Dollar (P461)
  • Suriname: 25 Gulden (P138a)
  • Mexico: 10 Pesos (PS535b)
  • Malawi: 10 Kwacha (P51a)
  • Yugoslavia: 5000 Dinara (P93a)
  • Jersey: 1 Pound (P32)
  • Japan: 50 Sen (P59b)
  • Ireland: 1 Pound (P70d)
  • Gibraltar: 1 Pound (P20a)
  • Lesotho: 10 Maloti (P21)
  • Laos: 100 Kip (P6)
The last note from Laos is one of my favorite notes ever. I think the design and colors are stunning. This has been on my wish list for a long time and I could finally get it for a good price this weekend.

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New additions week 48 - 2012 (2)

Yesterday a colleague returned from Hong Kong bringing the polymer 10 Dollar (P401b) with her. It's the first polymer banknote from Hong Kong and was introduced in 2007 for a 2-year trial period. Always nice to have good contacts when you're a collector of world banknotes!

Update 30 November 2012: As a suprise there were two more banknotes! Two 20 Dollar notes. One from the Bank of China (P335) and the other from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (P207e). Both can be found on my Hong Kong page.

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New additions week 48 - 2012

A new banknote arrived yesterday by mail. It's the Russian 250 Rubles (P36) issued in 1917 by the Soviet government. The note was also issued by the provisional government but the fact that the serial number starts with AB points to the Soviet issue.

Closer inspection of the note reveals some strange designs: there are swastikas visible! To the uninformed this is somewhat baffling since the note was issued in 1917 at a time when Hitler was still fighting in the trenches of WW I and the Nazi party was still some years away from being formed. The swastika however is not only a Nazi symbol. As you can see in this list from Wikipedia the swastika was used all over Europe prior to it becoming a dominant symbol of the Nazis. The Nazis also used swastikas on their banknotes by the way (like in this complete series which was issued in the occupied territories in Europe). So no worries for the Russians but it's another great addiction to my collection.

The swastikas are on the front and the back of the note but at the back it's most visible:

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