New additions week 45 - 2013 (2)

After the nice new note from Rhodesia I received earlier this week another great addition to my collection arrived yesterday. Country number 198: Tannu Tuva! Before I started collecting banknotes I had never even heard of this nation or seen its banknotes. Some background information seems in order.

The Tuvan People's Republic (or People's Republic of Tannu Tuva 1921 – 1944) was a partially recognized independent state in the territory of the former Tuvan protectorate of Imperial Russia also known as Uryankhaisky Krai. It was a satellite state of the Soviet Union that is now known as the Tuva Republic within the Russian Federation. The Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic were the only countries to recognize its independence.

Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Communist troops took Tuva in January 1920. The chaos accompanying this era allowed the Tuvans to again proclaim their independence. On 14 August 1921, the Bolsheviks (supported by Russia) established a Tuvan People's Republic, called Tannu Tuva until 1926. Tannu refers to the Tannu-ola Mountains while Tuva is derived from the ethnicity Tuvan. The capital Khem-Beldir was eventually renamed Kyzyl ('red' in Tuvan). A treaty between the Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic in 1926 affirmed the country’s independence. No other countries formally recognized it, although it appeared on maps and globes produced in the United States. 

The area that was the Tuvan People's Republic is now known as Tyva Republic within the Russian Federation.

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New additions week 46 - 2013

Thanks to an early birthday gift I received 6 new banknotes from Russia yesterday. Isn't it nice when your aunt goes on holiday to Russia and doesn't forget the hobby of her nephew? Here are the new notes in chronological order:

  • 1 Ruble (1915 (1898)) - P15c05
  • 25 Rubles (1919) - P90
  • 3 Rubles (1961) - P223a
  • 25 Rubles (1961) - P234b
  • 500 Rubles (1993) - P256
  • 100 Rubles (1997) - P270a

All the images of the new notes can be found on the Russia page of my collection.

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New additions week 45 - 2013 (1)

This week I received a new note I bought on eBay. Not only was it a bargain, it is also the 197th country in my collection! Just three more to go and I can order cake to celebrate the magical 200.

This note is from Rhodesia, the country which was never recognized and which existed for only 14 years. It was considered a de facto successor state to the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia. After a bloody civil war, in which the white government fought with two black nationalist groups, the country finally settled for peace in 1980 and renamed itself Zimbabwe.

This is a 1 dollar note from 1970 and has pick number 30a.


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New additions week 43 - 2013

Two new notes this week which I found in the Big Pile of Rubbish-box at the local coin dealer. Though most of the items in this box are nothing more than toilet paper, I always manage to find something I still want.

  • German Empire, 50 Mark - P41
  • Germany Weimar Republic, 10 Mark - P67a1

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New additions week 41 - 2013

Thanks to a very generous donation I received 21 new banknotes last week. Including two notes from a country I've wanted in my collection for some time: Belgian Congo. Among the notes were some Notgeld issues from Germany's Weimar Republic which I won't list below, mainly because it's not a real part of my collection. They're nice to have but I don't pursue them like 'normal' banknotes and only add them to my collection when I receive them by chance for free.

So the new 'real' banknotes are:

  • Sweden, 10 Kronur (P52d)
  • Egypt, 5 Piastres (P165a)
  • Rwanda, 20 Francs (P6b)
  • Rwanda, 100 Francs (P8b)
  • Czechoslovakia, 5 Korun (P82a)
  • Germany, 5 Mark (P56b1)
  • Germany, 10000 Mark (P70)
  • Germany, 20000 Mark (P85a)
  • Germany, 1 Mark (P192a)
  • Belgian Congo, 5 Francs (p13B)
  • Belgian Congo, 10 Francs (P14E)

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New additions week 39 - 2013

At the World Paper Money Fair I bought 17 new notes from 12 new countries. I now have 606 banknotes in my collection. Just 6 more countries and I also have 200 countries in my collection! All the new additions from this weekend:

  • Bahamas, 1 dollar, P50
  • Belize, 5 dollar, P67d
  • Cape Verde, 200 escudos, P68
  • Central African States, 1000 francs, P102Cg
  • Finland, 1 Markka, P98a
  • French Pacific Territories, 500 francs, P1b
  • Gambia, 5 dalasis, P20a
  • Iran, 5000 rials, P150
  • Lesotho, 10 maloti, P15f
  • Luxembourg, 20 francs, P54a
  • Morocco, 10 dirham, P57b
  • Slovakia, 20 korun, P20a
  • Slovakia, 50 korun, P21a
  • Sweden, 20 kronur, P63a
  • Tanzania, 20 shillingi, P9
  • West African States, 500 francs, P210Bn
  • Uganda, 1000 shilling, P49

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New additions week 36 - 2013

Last week I received two great new banknotes from Kuwait. They are both commemorative issues commemorating the liberation of the country in 1991 after the Gulf War. Both notes come in special folders with an envelope. 

PCS1 (front):

PCS2 (back):

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New additions week 33 - 2013

I received a banknote this week which had been high on my wishlist. It is by itself a beautiful note but it's also the first polymer banknote ever issued. The note (P49) has been issued by Australia in 1988 to commemorate the bicentenary of the landing in Sydney Cove and has been issued in a folder with more info on the design and history.

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New additions week 28 - 2013

This beautiful new banknote from Guernsey arrived this week. More info in this recent post

Stockphoto: not the actual banknote in my collection.

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New additions week 25 - 2013

A visit to my local coin and banknote dealer has given me some new additionsm to my collection.

  • From Czechoslovakia the 100 korun (P91c)
  • A lovely commemorative issue from the Dominican Republic: the 20 pesos oro from 1992 (P139a)
  • From our old colony the Netherlands Indies a 50 cent note (P110a)
  • A military payment certificate from the United States of 5 cent (Pm29)
  • From the time of the German Empire a 100 mark note (P43a)
  • From the Weimar Republic I got three notes: 50 mark (p66a), 50 mark (P68) and 100 mark (P69b)

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New additions week 21 - 2013

After several failed attempts I finally managed to acquire the new 5 euro. With special thanks to my mother who stumbled upon the banknote at the place where she works.

© European Central Bank

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New additions week 17 - 2013

My mother recently returned from a short vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. And being the sweet mother that she is, she brought some new banknotes for my collection with her. Including the recently issued new 5 lira banknote which I wrote about earlier this month. 

  • The 10 lira (P223a) from 2009.
  • Also from 2009 the 20 lira (P224a)
  • And finally the new 5 lira (Pnew) which was issued earlier this month.

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