New additions week 46 - 2015

One new banknote this week with a big thank you to my traveling aunt who visited Lithuania recently: 10 Litu, P68. 

From Wikipedia: "The reverse of the 10 litu banknote featured Lithuanian heroes, Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas. In 1933 they flew from New York over the Atlantic Ocean with a small plane called Lituanica. However, the plane mysteriously crashed in Germany (now Poland). The duo did not survive.

The obverse depicts Lituanica flying over the Atlantic Ocean with visible shores of the North America and Europe. This banknote was noticed by the international press covering the introduction of the litas. Journalists made a metaphor that the litas should do better than the pilots, i.e. the litas, hopefully, would not crash. The most recent release clearly shows Darius wearing the cap with an insignia from the Palwaukee Municipal Airport located in Wheeling, Illinois. It attracted some attention from topic collectors.

The banknote was designed and redesigned by Giedrius Jonaitis. The very first draft of new Lithuanian currency had Darius and Girenas on the 5 litai banknote. It was released in different designs four times (in 1993 (twice), 1997, and 2001). The first banknote design started an international scandal. In 1992, these banknotes were printed and ready to be released to the public. However, it was discovered that they were virtually unprotected. It delayed the introduction of the litas as the banknotes had to be reprinted. The banknotes bearing the date "1991" were released for a very short time and were quickly replaced by the 1993 issue. The major design ideas have not changed throughout the issues."

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The Poneet Islands set from Mujand Trading Company

The Mujand Trading Company did it again: the F-series from the fictional Poneet Islands has been issued. The Poneet Islands of course are part of the planet Blissdane Naïve. For those unfamiliar with this exciting world, please read the stories or view the banknotes from the different nations so far.

After the previous set my expectations were high. The Perish Island set was great and very original, but now we have the polymer set from the Poneet Islands. I had seen a preview of these notes and was struck by the colors and the beautiful themes on the banknotes. It instantly reminded me of the beautiful notes from countries like the French Pacific Territories or the beautiful bird themes used on the notes from Suriname. The front of the notes show faces of people and themes like islands and boats. We can also see a holographic security strip which looks great. 

The back of the notes is where the real beauty lies in my opinion. The pastel colors fit perfectly with the delicate flowers and the gracious birds. This combination gives the notes a very balanced and expensive appearance and is particularly nice when you see all the notes together in your album. 

It's great to see that the notes from the Mujand Trading Company, which are created by the very talented Celsus Solar, have become increasingly professional and that the fantasy world of Blissdane Naïve keeps giving us better fantasy notes.

You can buy this and previous sets at the eBay store of Yuri111 or at the eBay store of fantasy_notes_and_more

Disclaimer: this fantasy set was sent for review purposes. The text is entirely mine and was not paid for or asked for in any way.

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New additions week 34 - 2015

Rejoice, workers of the world! For the Mujand Trading Company has released a second set of banknotes from the Kuninganna Territory inspired by the glory of socialism. OK, I can hardly say these words without laughing a little because we've seen plenty of the socialistic wonders in the 20th century.

But the new set from Mujand is certainly no joke. We already had the first set which was reminiscent of the famous British notes of the past, but the story of the Kuninganna Territory continues and they have to face the 'joy' of a socialist leadership. The new set of banknotes reflect that perfectly with the same kind of images we have seen from nations like Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, North-Korea and Romania with happy well-fed people doing all different kinds of hard labour on the land with a smile on their face. The theme for this new set is the Harvest Maven who is pictured on the front of the notes. The back shows different people harvesting. 

The mood from the notes is spot-on as far as I'm concerned because you can feel the show (or charade) which is being put on by the 'regime' and the impending and inevitable doom which always follows. 

The Mujand Trading Company doesn't just print fantasy banknotes, they have designed several series belonging to different 'countries' on the planet Blissdane Naïve in the Mujand System. There is a whole mythology behind the notes, the different countries and even time periods. Sets are available exclusively via eBay at the store of Yuri111.

Pictures of the new set:

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New additions week 26 - 2015

Just recently I wrote about the limited edition 5-zilchy note from the Mujand Trading Company honouring the works of Edgar Allen Poe. This week I received the polymer beauty and it is gorgeous. Read more about it here and you can order one for yourself here

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New additions week 19 - 2015 (2)

This week after a three-day visit to Disneyland Paris I came home finding a brown envelop with some interesting stamps on it in the mail. A letter from the Mujand Trading Company with the new set of fantasy banknotes! I can tell you that this was the perfect homecoming after a long car trip with loads of traffic jams and lousy french food. Below is the description I wrote earlier about this wonderful new set:

"One of the most interesting fantasy banknote series is the one from the Mujand Trading Company. Previous posts about their sets can be read herehere and here. What I like about these sets is not only their beautiful and innovative design but especially the whole story and mythology behind them. The fictional planet Blissdane Naïve and the different nations on the planet provide a fascinating backdrop for the different banknote sets.

Now a fifth set has been released, from the nation of Perish Island. The story goes that this island regularly sinks beneath the water and now has submersible houses on it (please read the whole fantastic story of why this happens here). Following this story the banknotes have been made of a waterproof polymer material. The front of the notes shows half of the portraits above water, while the backs shows the other half of the portrait under water. Front and back put together makes the portrait complete. How brilliant is that?

The set can be bought exclusively at the eBay store of Yuri111."

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New additions week 19 - 2015

Thanks to family members who remember my hobby I'm sometimes suprised with new notes. It always feels like a little present. Yesterday I got three new notes from former Yugoslavia (P89a, P90a and P92d) and one from the Dominican Republic (P170b).

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New additions week 18 - 2015

After a visit to the Papermoney Fair Maastricht in Valkenburg aan den Geul you can't come home empty-handed. I visited the fair last Saturday and it was bigger than ever. Another hall was added to provide room for all the dealers and I don't know for sure but it also seemed more busy with visitors than previous editions. Lots of respect to the dealers by the way because it was very hot in the dealer rooms. Some of my budget had to be spent on much needed water to help me through my visit. 

But it was a succes for me because I found some notes which I really wanted and ended up with 11 new notes in total and three from new countries. The complete list:

  • Algeria - 100 dinar - 1964 - P125
  • Angola - 50 escudos - 1973 - P105a
  • Argentina - 50 pesos - 2015 - Pnew
  • Chatham Islands - 10 dollar - 1999 - PNL
  • France- 200 francs - 1989 - P155c
  • Iran - 2000 rials - 1986 - P141f
  • Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia - 100 Kronen - 1940 - P7a
  • Spain - 100 pesetas - 1925 - P69c
  • Trinidad & Tobago - 50 dollar - 2015 - Pnew
  • South Africa - 2 rand - 1983-1990 - P118d
  • South Russia - 25 rubles - 1918 - PS412b

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New additions week 3 - 2015

Just one new note added this week which I picked from the 'trash tray' at the local coin shop. It's a 100 Kronen note from Austria (P77). 

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Imperium Romanum Fantasy Banknotes

I received a very interesting set of fantasy notes in the mail today. It's the Imperium Romanum set made by Fantasy Banknotes. Now I am, like a lot of banknote collectors as it turns out, quite interested in history. And since the Roman Empire is probably one of the most fascinating empires in history, these banknotes hit a homerun with me. They are great to see and depict a variety of themes from Roman history. Every note shows a Roman emperor on the front. The back shows a variety of Roman buildings, art, statues and maps connected with the emperor on the front. 

If you're interested in Roman history, this set is a must-buy. But also if you're just into collecting (fantasy) banknotes these notes are a great addition to your collection. The quality of the work is excellent and the paper even has watermarks, planchettes and UV-elements. The issue is limited to 1,300 sets. All in all a beautiful addition to any collection.

You can buy the full set for 25 euros of 37 US dollars + post costs by going to this page

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New additions week 46 - 2014

This week was filled with fantasy as it turned out. For my birthday I got three notes from the Canadian community of Chemainus. It is most famous for its 39 outdoor murals but as it turns out they also have their own local currency: the Chemainus dollar. The currency can be spend at local shops and merchants. Oh, and did I mention it is absolutely gorgeous? On the front it shows the face of Emily Carr, a Canadian artist who was heavily inspired by the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The back of the notes show different paintings by different artists depicting historical scenes and landscapes. For my collection I got the 1, 2 and 5 Chemainus dollar but if you're interested in getting these notes, you can buy different sets or individual pieces via this link

The second set of fantasy notes has 7 very interesting and elaborate pieces showing a variety of themes from the Roman Empire. I have a separate article on them here

A total of 10 new notes in one week? Not bad!

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New additions week 43 - 2014

Just one new note this week: the new 10 euro finally ended up in my pocket.

© European Central Bank

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New additions week 42 - 2014

New banknote from South Korea, donated by a colleague! A 1000 won note, P54a:

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