New additions week 40 - 2014

Last weekend the bi-annual Papermoney Fair Maastricht was held in Valkenburg a/d Geul. As always the halls were packed with dealers, collectors and of course loads of banknotes. I managed to acquire some nice new notes and also to expand the number of countries I have notes from. Unfortunately I was also witness to an arrest when I saw a guy being taken away in handcuffs for trying to steal from a dealer. I later heard from other dealers that this was not the first theft that weekend.

But back to our hobby now. I bought 7 new banknotes including 5 from new countries. The list:

  • Djibouti, 1,000 francs - P37d
  • Faeroe Islands, 50 krónur - P24a
  • Fiji, 5 dollar - P115
  • France, 100 francs - P94
  • French West Africa, 10 francs - P37
  • Malta, 1 Lira - P31a
  • St. Helena, 1 Pound - P9a

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New additions week 38 - 2014

Recently I wrote about the new fantasy banknote set from the Mujand Trading Company. This fourth set is from the "Nation of Andaqesh" and features 7 banknotes. More background on this nation can be read here as well as other stories from the planet of Blissdane Naïve which can be found here. I love the whole mythology which has been created and the different banknote sets which reflect the various nations. The booklet which accompanied this particular set gave a preview of future sets so it seems we can expect more beautiful crafted sets from Mujand.

To buy this set, go to this site. If you're quick you might be able to buy one of the first seven sets and get a banknote with a #1 serial. Unfortunately the 500.000 finto note with a #1 serial number is no longer available ;-).

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New additions week 29 - 2014

A great new banknote this week with the RBS Ryder Cup commemorative issue from Scotland. I recently wrote an article on this new note which is printed on hybrid paper, a mix of traditional cotton paper and polyester plastic materials, which should make it more durable and resistant to staining. On the front of the note, the design includes a see-through window in the shape of The Ryder Cup. The banknote will be the first to contain the signature of new RBS chief executive Ross McEwan. The banknote is printed by Giesecke and Devrient.

One thing I was a little disappointed about: they've encased the note in a plastic holder. There is much debate on this practice which is also done by grading companies. Personally: I don't like it because I want to feel a banknote and I also think that encasing a note hides folds which you would be able to see otherwise.

That said, I still really this edition to my collection!

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New additions week 28 - 2014

Last week I went on vacation but when I returned a new banknote was waiting for me in the mail. It's the 1 gulden note from 1938 (P61) from my home country of the Netherlands. I'm gradually expanding my Dutch collection so this will fit in nicely.

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New additions week 27 - 2014

Just one addition to my collection this week but for me a great one: the 10,000 gulden note from Suriname (P153). Why is this great? First of all I think the design of this note is beautiful (who doesn't like birds and flowers?). But this also means that I'm down to just one missing banknote from this beautiful series from the year 2000: the 25,000 gulden note. So if anybody has this on offer for a reasonable(!) price ;-)?

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New additions week 24 - 2014

Recently I wrote an article about the Mujand Trading Company which designs and produces fantasy banknotes. These are not just banknotes with a nice design but they are part of a whole story and mythology centering around the planet Blissdane where several 'countries' exist. Three sets have been issues so far and four more will be issued in the future.

I was so lucky to receive a package this week with the complete set of Series C in it from the Kuninganna Territory. It really showed why I like these particular sets of fantasy banknotes. This set of notes is completely different from the Series B I recently received in terms of design, paper and overall feel and look. The notes reminded me of the white notes the Bank of England issued in the first half of the 20th century. Considering the 'country' which issued these fantasy banknotes has a monarchal history, this may not be a coincidence: the notes honour the myhical queen Anya Qesh whose story you can read here.

If you're interested in buying this set or other sets, please visit the Mujand Trading Company website.

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New additions week 21 - 2014

Two new banknotes this week from and both are from Suriname: the 500 gulden (P150) and 5,000 gulden (P152). This series issued in 2000 is one of my favourite series to collect and features birds and flowers from Suriname. The only two notes missing from my collection are the 10,000 and the 25,000 gulden. I'm afraid the latter is a little above my budget but I have high hopes for the 10,000 gulden note.

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New additions week 17 - 2014

Fantasy banknotes, the opinions on them vary but it's a fact that there are a lot of them. The most well known are from Antarctica and the Disney Dollars. I know a lot of collectors don't want them because they weren't issued by an official bank and are not 'real money' but I like them a lot to be honest. To come up with a good design for a banknote is a lot harder than most people think. Let alone actually producing them. 

This week I received a wonderful gift from the Mujand Trading Company. Not only have they printed fantasy banknotes, they have even designed several series belonging to different 'countries' on the planet Blissdane Naïve in the Mujand System. There is a whole mythology behind the notes, the different countries and even time periods. I received a gift package containing the B-series of banknotes from the Territory of West Junee

If you're interested in fantasy banknotes or collect them, go check them out!



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New additions week 17 - 2014

Remember kids, when you know of a friend, a colleague or a family member going on vacation to an exotic country, always ask to bring some money back as a souvenir. I did, and look what it got me: three new Moroccan banknotes, including two from the new series!

  • 50 dirham - P69a
  • 20 dirham - P74
  • 100 dirham - P76

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New additions week 16 - 2014

Last weekend was the bi-annual Papermoney Fair Maastricht in the lovely town of Valkenburg aan den Geul. This year all tables were sold out so it was packed with dealers, buyers and tons of great banknotes. What I really liked this year in comparison with previous years was the amount of 'cheap' banknotes offered. Everywhere were crates filled with banknotes sold for a few euro. I'm sure lots of collectors skip these offers but it meant that the fair was useful for every type of collector, including the beginners or people with limited funds. 

I also managed to get some nice new notes and expand the amount of countries in my collection. The purchase list:

  • Armenia, 100 dram, P42
  • Aruba, 10 florin, P16b
  • Bermuda, 2 dollar, P57a
  • Denmark, 10 kroner, P44ag
  • El Salvador, 1 colon, P125a
  • Ghana, 10,000 cedis, P35a
  • Macedonia, 10 denari, P14c
  • Netherlands, 10 gulden, P85
  • Norway, 10 kroner, P36c
  • Somaliland, 1000 shillings, P20
  • Somaliland, 5000 shillings, P21
  • Timor, 100 escudos, P28a

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New additions week 12 - 2014

Three new banknotes for my collection this week, including one new country! A colleague was so generous to give a 20 francs from 1997 (P151i) to me with one of my favourite composers on it: Claude Debussy. Another new note is the 500,000 lira (P212) from Turkey. This is of course a note before decimalization (unfortunately).

The real treasure this week is the 204th country I've added to my collection: a 1 gulden note (P35a) from Curacao. I had been looking for a Curacao note for some time and I finally found one on eBay which was sold for a reasonable price.

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New additions week 9 - 2014

We got him! This week I received the beautiful Russian 100 ruble note issued in commemoration of the Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi. The note looks great once you have it in your hand and I was surprised how nice the transparant window turned out.

You can still vote for this note as IBNS Banknote of the Year if you're a member of the IBNS by the way.

Another new note I received yesterday was the new 2 dollar note from the island of Barbados. The new series was issued in June 2013 and you can read the article I wrote about the beautiful new series here.

Barbados is the 203rd country I've added to my collection.

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