New security features for Polish banknotes

After a few days vacation during which I haven't seen a single new banknote (partly because I never crossed the border) I've now returned for some catching up.

For instance with the news from Poland where the National Bank of Poland plans to issue banknotes with new security features in April next year. Apart from the updated security features the design of these banknotes (with portraits of Polish monarchs from the past) will remain the same.

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Papua New Guinea withdraws all paper notes

The Bank of Papua New Guinea has announced that all paper kina banknotes will be withdrawn by June 2013. After June 2013 these notes will no longer be legal tender. The bank has been announcing to the public that paper banknotes denominations K2, K5, K10, K20, K50 and K100 as well as the K2 coin will be removed from circulation. In their place will be the polymer or plastic notes in the same denominations. Polymer notes in circulation will continue.

More info in this article.

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Turkey announces new 5, 50 and 200 lira

The Central Bank of Turkey has announced the introduction of a new 5 lira banknote. The traditional brown colour will be replaced by purple. Apart from the new 5 lira note, the 50 and 200 lira will also be changed but they will only get new signatures. The dimensions and colours of the notes will remain the same.

The following signatures will be shown on the new banknotes:

  • 5 lira: deputy governor Mehmet Yörükoglu along with governor Erdem Basci
  • 50 lira:  deputy governor Turalay Kenc along with governor Erdem Basci
  • 200 lira: deputy governor Mehmet Yörükoglu along with governor Erdem Basci

The new banknotes will be in circulation from 8 April 2013.


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New Afghan banknotes announced?

A story on Afghan website claims that Afghanistan has issued new Afghani banknotes for the amount of 100 billion afghanis:

"Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) officials on Tuesday announced that fresh banknotes amounting to one hundred billion Afghanis have recently been printed. DAB officials also informed that the latest specifications have been placed in the new banknotes in a bid to make it easier to differentiate from the fake notes. The officials also added that the Central Bank of Afghanistan remains committed to meet the needs and issues of th Afghan market.

The new bank notes are due to be distributed in accordance with the market demands, DAB officials said adding that the new banknotes have been printing considering the needs of the market for the next five years. A British firm was contracted to print the new Afghan bank notes and the contract was reportedly given to the firm against $20 million. According to reports the Afghan government has also ordered to print another one hundred million Afghanis and the new bank notes will be printed as per the demands of the Afghan market. In the meantime deputy governor for the Central Bank of Afghanistan Khan Afzal Hadawal said the new specifications of the bank notes will remain confidential with the bank while some of the specifications will be made public in the near future. This comes as the residents of Kabul city and other provinces of Afghanistan including the business owners complained of facing issues with the fake bank notes in the market."

No more information is available at the moment.

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New banknotes for Fiji issued (update)

As announced in this previous post, Fiji has issued its new banknotes yesterday 2 January 2013. The colourful notes have all been issued except for the 5 dollar banknote. This is the only polymer note in this series and has been delayed until April for unknown reasons. But no worries: the Fiji people have plenty to admire in their new money. 

More information and images can be found in this post.

Update 1 April 2013: And now also the polymer 5 dollar has been issued!

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Kazakhstan issues new 2000 tenge banknote

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has announced it has issued the new 2000 tenge banknote as of 29 March 2013.

"The obverse side of the banknote is as follows: the prevailing colors are dark green and light green; the prevailing images are vertical. The key images: the monument "Kazak Eli" on the right side of the banknote and images of the flying doves in the bottomcenter. At the bottom of the banknote there is a figure of saiga antelope made with the colorshifting paint. In the upper part there are the images of the symbols of state of the Republic of Kazakhstan: national emblem and state flag. The digital notation of the nominal value is printed on the left side, above and below; on the left center there is a digital notation of the nominal value in the state language. The legend "KAZAKHSTAN ULTYK BANKI" is in the upper left corner; below there is a legend in the state language warning about responsibility for counterfeiting: "Banknottardy koldan zhasau zanmen kudalanady". 

The reverse side is as follows: the prevailing colors are dark green and light green; the prevailing images are horizontal. The key image is an outline of Kazakhstan map contour with the image of Irtysh River. On the right side there is a holographic band of 13 mm wide with the image of nominal value, a stylized yurt and fragment of the state flag. Lower left, right top and lower right there is a digital notation of the banknote nominal value and in the bottom center there is a literalnotation of the nominal value in the Russian language. A legend is printed in the top middle; in the lower left corner, under the notation of the banknote nominal value, there is a legend “Counterfeiting is prosecuted under the law”.

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Canada set to reveal the new 5 and 10 dollar banknotes

The Bank of Canada has announced that they will reveal the new 5 and 10 dollar banknotes on 30 April 2013. From promotion clips of already issued banknotes in this series, you can derive that the main colours of the new banknotes will be blue for the 5 dollar and purple for the 10 dollar. No date of issue has yet been given but you can probably expect them later this year.


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Thailand announces new 20 baht

The Bank of Thailand has announced the release of a new 20 baht banknote for 1 April 2013. The front of the note has the portrait of King Rama IX in the Royal House of Chakri gown. The back has images of the royal statue of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great seated on the Manangkhasila Asana Throne, the invention of the Thai script, the Ramkhamhaeng stele, ancient Thai script Lai Sue Thai, the grievance hearing, the Bell of King Ramkhamhaeng, and Sangkhalok Wares. The date depicted on the note is 2 November 2012.

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Sweden changes portrait on new 1000 krona banknote

The Sveriges Riksbank reports:  "The Riksbank has reached agreement with the copyright holders for the images and symbols that will be used on the new banknotes. In connection with this, the portrait of Dag Hammarskjöld on the 1000-krona banknote has been replaced. The issue of the new banknotes will begin in early October 2015. Today, the Riksbank is also publishing the texts that will form the basis for the mini- and micro-texts on the new banknotes. The mini- and micro-texts are interwoven with the banknotes' motifs and act as extra security features. The texts are linked to the individuals portrayed on the respective banknotes. The 20-krona banknote, for example, will contain a line from “Pippi Longstocking”, one of Astrid Lindgren's most famous books, while the 500-krona bank- note will have a text listing Birgit Nilsson's operatic roles. All the mini- and micro-texts are available on the Riksbank's website."

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Libya: new 20 dinar to be released soon

Libya will issue the new 20 dinar banknote on 31 March 2013 (press release in Arabic). The front of the note shows a school in Ghadames and the back shows the Al-Ateeq mosque in Oujlah.

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New commemorative banknote for Bangladesh

Bangladesh will issue another new commemorative banknote (info on the previous issues from 2011, 2012 and 2013 can be found here). This time the banknote will be 100 taka in commemoration of 100 Years of Bangladesh National Museum. The date of issue is not yet known but is supposed to be soon.

(pictures from

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Images of new banknotes Angola

Angola has finally presented its new banknote series. The series has denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 kwanza's. The illlustrations are the following:

  • 50 kwanza's: Falls Cuemba (Bie)
  • 100 kwanza's: Binga Falls (Kwanza Sul)
  • 200 kwanza's:  Falls Thiumbue (Lunda Sul)
  • 500 kwanza's: Falls Andulo (Bie)
  • 1000 kwanza's: Falls Kalandula (Malanje)
  • 2000 kwanza's: Falls Dande (Bengo)
  • 5000 kwanza's: Dam Kapanda (Malanje)

The notes will be issued fro March to June.

(images from banknotenews)

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