Namibia announces commemorative note

The Central Bank of Namibia has announced a commemorative banknote for introduction on 21 March 2020. The commemorative occassion is Namibia's 30th independence anniversary.

Details on the design will be announced later.

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Zimbabwe to introduce higher denominations?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe could introduce notes with higher denominations in the next few months. This according to an article on Pindula News. The higher denominations could be 10-, 20- and 50-dollar notes. 

Could this be the first step towards the next hyperinflation?

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Hong Kong banks issue two new banknotes

The three banknote issuing banks of Hong Kong have issued two new banknotes: the 20- and 50-dollar notes. 

First up is the Standard Chartered Bank. The front of the 20-dollar note shows the Standard Chartered Bank headquarters building; has the denomination as registration device and the "20" in green SPARK Orbital. The back of the note shows a man pouring tea for his family. Yes, tea: the best drink in the world :-). The watermark is a Bauhinia flower. 

The 50-dollar note is green. The front is more or less the same as the 20-dollar note: the Standard Chartered Bank headquarters building, the denomination as registration device and a "50" in green SPARK Orbital. The back of the note shows a beautiful picture of a butterfly and a flower. The watermark is again a Bauhinia flower 

Next are the new notes from the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, or HSBC. The front of the new 20-dollar note shows the familiar lion statue, the denomination as registration device and a green leaf with "20" in green SPARK Orbital. The back of the note is again a tea-themed image: we see a tea gathering where a child is pouring tea for the elderly. 

The new 50-dollar note from HSBC has the lion statue again with the headquarters of HSBC in background, the denomination as registration device and a butterfly with "50" in green SPARK Orbital. The back shows a butterfly on a China Rose Hibiscus flower. 

The last bank in this article is the Bank of China. Their new 20-dollar note has (suprise, surprise) the Bank of China building in Hong Kong on the front. The denomination as registration device and a "20" in green SPARK Orbital. The back has a tea set. As a big tea enthusiast I love all the tea images!

The final note is the 50-dollar banknote of the Bank of China. I'm sure you're beginning to see a pattern here because the front shows the Bank of China building in Hong Kong again, the denomination as registration device, the "50" in green SPARK Orbital and a Bauhinia flower. The back has an image of a butterfly on a flower. 

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Oman's changing face?

The Central Bank of Oman has issued banknotes with the image of sultan Qaboos bin Said since 1976.

After the death of the old sultan on 10 January 2020 a new sultan became the leader of Oman. His name is Haitham bin Tariq Al Said and it's expected his portrait will be on future banknotes.

I think he can provide a nice portrait right?

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Sri Lanka announces new 2,000-rupees note

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has announced it will issue a new currency note of 2,000 rupees as part of the current 11th currency note series. Security features will also be further upgraded in the existing series.

The note is planned for later this year.

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Transnistria has issued a commemorative banknote

A new banknote from Transnistria, the small breakaway state which issues its own banknotes after declaring independence from Moldova in 1990. The 'country' (though not recognized by any UN member state) has issued a new commemorative banknote of 1 ruble on 20 December 2019 to commemorate "25 Years of the Transnistrian Ruble". 

According to the press release 200,000 notes will enter circulation and 2,500 notes will be sold as numismatic products in booklets. The commemorative banknote has a vertical ornamental decoration. 

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Myanmar issues new 1,000-kyats on 4 January 2020

The Central Bank of Myanmar will issue a new 1,000-kyats banknote from 4 January 2020. From the press release by the Ministry of Information we learn that the front of the note has an image of Bogyoke Aung San.

The banknote is 150 mm long and 70 mm wide. The prominent colour of the 1,000-kyats note is blue. At the upper part of the note, the "CENTRAL BANK OF MYANMAR" is printed. On the front of the banknote, the picturesque of Bogyoke Aung San is printed and "1000 Kyats" in Myanmar language is inserted on the right side of the note. "K 1000" is also printed in the remaining three corners of the note. The watermark is an image of Bogyoke Aung San. The security string is inserted from top to bottom.

The back of the note has an image of the Hluttaw building, and "CENTRAL BANK OF MYANMAR" is inserted on the top of the note and "ONE THOUSAND KYATS" is seen on the lower part of the note. The existing 1,000-kyats note which is in circulation will continue to be legal tender currency.

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Angola announces new family of banknotes for 2020

The Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) has announced that a new family of banknotes will be introduced in 2020. The face of the first president of Angola, Agostinho Neto, will appear on the front of the notes, as well as illustrations of the national badges. The back of the banknotes will show different images of the natural wonders of Angola.

The most commonly used denominations (200-, 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-kwanza notes), will be made of a polymer substrates to increase their life span. The notes will be made by three "foreign" companies from Germany, Russia and the USA. 

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Bangladesh issues updated 50-taka note

More news from Bangladesh! The Central Bank of Bangladesh has issued an updated 50-taka note on 15 December 2019. "As 10-taka and 50-taka notes have similarities in their colours, the central bank has printed 50-taka notes in reddish orange colour to make it easy for the people to distinguish between the two bank notes."

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Banladesh announces commemorative note for 2020

The Central Bank of Bangladesh has announced a new commemorative banknote for 2020. The 200-taka note will be introduced on 17 March 2020 and will commemorate the 100th birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975). He is known as the Father of the Nation in Bangladesh.

Not much information on the design other than "Bangabandhu’s image [on the regular note] will be decorated".

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Mujand strikes again

The fantasy banknote creator Mujand has issued several new series of fantasy banknotes, some of which I have had the good fortune to hold in my hand and admire the beautiful artwork up close. The notes are quite popular judging by the many sold-out signs in the webshop. Take this as a hint to order your specimens fast if you like them (Christmas is just around the corner...). 

For a while we have seen some interesting notes from the fictional world of Blissdane Naïve. The nations on the planet and their history provide a seemingly endless source of inspiration for the many banknote sets. Recent side projects like the National Parks and the Legend series prove however that 'our' world can also be a big inspiration for some very nice designs. 

The Legend series has three new notes of which one suprised me. The new notes feature Pocahontas, Jeanne d'Arc and Benedict Arnold. Now the last person was a surprise for me. Because I had always assumed after the first two notes in this series (Mata Hari and Lady Godiva) that we would get to see female legends. Apparently men are also welcome on these notes which opens up a whole range of possible new legends for future.

Of the three new notes I like the one with Jeanne d'Arc (or Jehanne d'Arc as it is spelled in the old way on the note) the most. It looks very similar to some of the old French banknotes which I happen to like a lot. 

A new series from the world of Blissdane Naïve is the one from Mrokland. The series is called "the archers of Obrion" and the notes all show different archers ready to shoot their arrows. 

The second new series is from the 'Isle of Komplece' and is my favourite of the lot. Why? Simple: animals! I always like to see animals on banknotes and this series in particular is fantastic. The notes have aquatic animals on the front and a bird on the back. I would immediately believe it if some country by the sea on our planet would issue these banknotes as their own. For some reason I got a bit of a Norwegian vibe from the notes (no turtles or dolphins in their waters of course, but still...). 

The nation of Romedia is another new entry from Mujand. The look and feel of these notes is completely different from the one above, from the Isle of Komplece. But the collector of exotic animals will be happy: lots of beautiful animals on the front and the back. 

The last new series of Mujand is a very interesting one. When I first saw the notes I immediately got this propaganda feel from them. And not the good kind of propaganda: the caricatures of greedy, wealthy people on the back in contrast with the poor beside them feels like a political message. A very interesting design!

All the notes, current and past series and the stories behind the notes can be seen on

Disclaimer: these notes were sent for review purposes. The text is entirely mine and was not paid for or asked for in any way.

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Trinidad and Tobago issues polymer 100-dollar note

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has issued a new polymer 100-dollar banknote on 9 December 2019. "The Central Bank intends to expand the range of polymer notes to the other denominations in 2020. The new polymer $100 note will co-circulate with the existing paper-based $100 note remaining as legal tender until further notice."

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