Yemen issues new 200-rials note

According to Al Ain  the Central Bank of Yemen has introduced a new 200-rial note on 15 August 2018. The new note is 150 x 69 mm and has the Zabid Castle on the front. 

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Argentina issues new 50-pesos note

The Banco Central de la República Argentina has issued its new 50-pesos note on 16 August 2018. The note shows the Andean Condor  the front and Mount Aconcagua, habitat of the Andean condor, on the back.

More on the design and security measures can be found on this beautifully designed official site

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picture from

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Switzerland reveals new 200-francs note

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has announced it will start to issue its new 200-francs banknote from 22 August 2018. From the press release:

"The inspiration behind the new banknote series is 'The many facets of Switzerland'. Each denomination depicts a typically Swiss characteristic, which is then illustrated graphically using a range of elements. The 200-franc note focuses on Switzerland's scientific expertise, as expressed by matter, the note's key motif. Core design elements in the new series are the hand and the globe, which appear on every denomination.

As with the banknotes currently in circulation, the ninth series consists of six denominations; the colour scheme, too, remains the same. Accordingly, the main colour of the new 200-franc note is brown. However, the format has been modified – the new notes are smaller and thus easier to handle. The innovative combination of complex security features and sophisticated design provides state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting protection.

The next denomination, the 1000-franc note, will be presented on 5 March 2019 and enter circulation on 13 March 2019. The last denomination in the new series, the 100-franc note, is to be issued in autumn 2019. The SNB will announce the precise issue date well in advance."

This note will be highly anticipated by collectors. The last two released banknotes went on to become Banknote of the Year and this note looks great again. 

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Zambia to issue improved banknotes

The Bank of Zambia has announced that it will issue a series of improved banknotes. They're mostly security related changes but other than the changes listed below, the design will stay the same. 

First the 2- and 5-kwacha notes will be issued in August 2018, the other denominations will follow. 

The changes are:

20-, 50- and 100-kwacha

  • A new security feature called SPARKLIVE has been incorporated in the figure on the lower right hand side to further shield these banknotes from being counterfeited. This security feature will exhibit three overt visual characteristics i.e. color- shift properties, optical brightness and dynamic light effects.
  • A 5mm optically visible four window security thread with micro optical dynamic effects has replaced the hologram on the three denominations.
  • The ‘birds in flight’ feature has shifted from the right edge of the back of the banknote to the left edge
  • “The tactile mark” for the visually impaired have now been put on both edges of the banknotes to enhance tactility or the feel effect.


  • A new four-window security thread will replace the hologram on the front of the banknote.
  • Tactile marks for the visually impaired have been put on both edges of the banknote to enhance tactility.

2- and 5-kwacha

  • Different images (dove, text K2 and K5) appear as a new glossy varnish with a blind embossing for ease of identification.
  • Tactile marks for the visually impaired have been put on both edges of the banknotes to enhance tactility.

Update 9-11-2018: all the new notes will be issued on 10 November 2018.

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Curacao and St. Maarten: new banknotes for 2021?

And while we're visiting our former Dutch colonies, let's look at Curacao and St. Maarten who might also be planning a new series of banknotes. The notes could be planned for introduction in 2021.

The two nations within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (again, watch this video by CGP Grey explaining it all) share a central bank: the Centrale Bank van Curacao en Sint Maarten and use the Antiliaanse gulden as currency.

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Aruba plans new family of banknotes for 2020

According to MRI Guide the Centrale Bank van Aruba is planning to issue a new family of banknotes around 2020. Aruba uses the Aruban florin as its currency which is pegged to the US dollar. 

Aruba was once part of the Netherlands but is now a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. To learn more about this remarkable construction, I highly recommend this video by CGP Grey. 

The current 10-florin banknote:

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Hong Kong announces A LOT of new banknotes

Very interesting news from Hong Kong in this press release. It seems we can expect a bus load of new banknotes coming soon: "The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), and the three note-issuing banks (NIBs) (Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited) announced today (Tuesday) the issue of the 2018 new series Hong Kong banknotes.

Consistent with the current series, the new series will consist of five denominations, each adopting the same colour scheme. It is the first time that the thematic subjects on the reverse side of the NIBs’ new series banknotes are standardised for each denomination to facilitate easy recognition by the public. The selected thematic subjects represent different aspects of Hong Kong as an international metropolis, featuring its rhythm of life, recreation and entertainment, as well as its rich natural and cultural heritage. The five denominations depict respectively the position of Hong Kong as international financial centre (HK$1,000), the spectacular Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (HK$500), Cantonese opera as our art and cultural legacy (HK$100), butterflies that inhabit Hong Kong (HK$50), and the popular dim sum and tea culture (HK$20). For aesthetic presentation of the subject and easy distinction from previous series, the reverse side of the banknote is in vertical orientation instead of the traditional horizontal layout.

The designs of all five denominations were unveiled today. The HK$1,000 and HK$500 notes will be put into circulation in the last quarter of 2018 and early 2019 respectively, and the lower denominations of HK$100, HK$50 and HK$20 will be ready for issue in batches between 2019 and 2020.

The new banknotes have incorporated advanced security features. Their placement on the banknotes is uniform across all five denominations. The six key features are:

  • Dynamic shimmering pattern – when the note is tilted, the shimmering ring in the pattern moves correspondingly.
  • Windowed metallic thread – when the note is tilted, the large and small rings on the metallic thread move correspondingly.
  • Enhanced watermark – the theme of the bauhinia flower is used such that the flower, leaves, bud and denomination numeral can be seen when the note is held up to the light.
  • Fluorescent see-through denomination – the patterns on the front and back, which are of a single colour under normal light, will appear as two fluorescent colours when exposed to ultraviolet light.  The patterns on the front and back fit perfectly to form the denomination numeral when the note is held up to the light.
  • Concealed denomination – when the note is tilted under the light, the denomination numeral hidden in the background can be seen.
  • Embossed feel – raised printing gives the note a strong embossed feel by touch."

OK... So here are the images of banknotes we have so far:

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Standard Chartered Bank

Bank of China

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India announces new 100-rupees note

The Reserve Bank of India has announced that a new 100-rupees note will soon be issued.

The new note shows the familiar portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the front with the Rani Ki Vav stepwell in the back. The note measures 142 x 66 mm and its colors will be lavender, dark grey and light orange.

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Solomon Islands: new note and move to polymer

The Governor of the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands Denton Rarawa has announced that a new 5-dollar note will be issued in the first quarter of 2019.

The new note will be made from polymer. The Governor also announced that all legal tender banknotes will eventually be made of polymer.

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Solomon Islands issue commemorative banknote

The Central Bank of the Solomon Islands announced in May that it would issue a new commemorative banknote of 40 dollars in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the country's independence. 

The new note was issued on 5 July 2018 and is shown here:

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Costa Rica goes polymer

The Banco Central de Costa Rica has announced its decision to change all the current denominations currently printed on cotton paper to polymer substrate.

The bank’s decision was based on "the high counterfeiting rate of the current cotton paper banknotes, versus the null counterfeiting rate of the 1000 colones notes printed on Guardian polymer, which have been in circulation since 2011." The humid climate, the conservation of the environment and the fact polymer notes cost less in the long run because of higher durability are also factors why the BCCR supports the change to polymer. 

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Poland announces commemorative 20-zlotych note

The Narodowi Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland) has announced a new commemorative banknote of 20 zlotych commemorative of the Centennial of Polish Independence this year. The banknote will be issued on 31 August 2018 in an issue of only 50,000 pieces. 

The front of the note shows Józef Pilsudski and the badge of the Polish Military Organization, the cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, and the badge of the 1st Legion Brigade. The back of the note shows the Polish flag and an image of a legionary eagle holding a shield of Amazons in its claws. The dimensions of the note are 150 x 77 mm. 

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